A family-owned and operated business, established in 1968, E B I Electronics, Inc. specializes in the sales, service and support of language labs, teaching systems and computer classroom management products. E B I employs individualized, fully customizable lab solutions ranging from exclusively language lab equipment and software to complete turnkey installations that also include furniture, computers, networking and infrastructure.

E B I’s founder, Charles Rehbein’s initial experience with language labs came as a soldier in the US army while stationed at Fort Slocum on Long Island Sound in New York in 1952. At an Army Information and Military Chaplain Training Center’s library and AV center, Charles worked to refine his English using wire recorders in a similar fashion to how first-production language labs would be used a decade later.

After finishing his tour with the US Army in 1953, Charles was hired as service manager by Dictaphone Corporation. Dictaphone produced one of the first 1/4″ Reel-to-Reel language labs, the Dictalab, in 1961. The initial sales boom of the Dictalab and similar labs from other companies led to a subsequent need for service. So in 1968, Charles started his own business, E B I Electronics, Inc., dedicated to servicing language labs. Using his experience in electronics and driven by his passion for languages, Charles personally serviced every customer, treating them as if they were his only customer.

Through the years, EBI has seen the evolution of language labs from wire recorders used in the Dictalab to digital labs of today, and although manufacturers have come and gone, EBI has been a mainstay in New England for over 40 years.

Ugartsthal, September 1, 1939: My Life as Lived through World War II

Charles’ book Ugartsthal, September 1, 1939: My Life as Lived through World War II illustrates why languages are so important to him. He realized at an early age that being multi-lingual is an essential but undervalued skill.

Mission Statement:

E B I is passionate about the products they sell and the support they provide and are dedicated to developing and maintaining long-lasting relationships with all of their valued customers and is committed to ensuring total customer satisfaction achieved through high-quality product offerings and product reliability, service performance, on-time delivery and courteous, efficient customer support.

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